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Create your own website to shorten URL links


Thanks to Cortas script you can create your own simple website used to shorten links - to replace long URLs with short and easy ones to remember. This will make them more convenient to post on various social media and messengers. In addition, the server administrator can view the logs of entries to a given URL.

It doesn't matter if you want to create a short link to your favorite article on the website, to a photo or to a video on a social network. The script will check if the address is correct and exists, then generate a short URL. That's all! Thanks to advertising boxes you can get passive income from your website. All you have to do is place ads from AdSense or from another partner and the website will passively earn you!


Quick install

Thanks to the installation script You can create and set up your website in minutes!


Easy to use

User panel and admin panel are intuitive and very easy to use!


Quick support

Quick help with the installation and configuration scripts on your domain and server!

Script functions



Responsive template compatible with HTML5 - the page is displayed correctly on the mobile devices (such as mobile phones, tablets)



Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the website works very quickly



Plenty of space for ads so you can get a passive income



The ability to add articles on the site - it positively affects positioning



For info pages on the site, you can set separate keywords and SEO descriptions - very useful when positioning your website



The ability to customize the site to suit your needs, extensive configuration options



Preview of detailed system statistics in the Administrative Panel with a chart generator - thanks to it you will find out what else you need for your website!



Newsletter module enabling users to subscribe to the mailing list and the administrator to send emails


SMTP and attachments

Possibility of sending email via SMTP account and sending attachments to messages from the contact form.

Application requirements

Logo PHP7


PHP version min 7.2

Logo MySQL


Support MySQL database

Logo CronTab


Ability to set the tasks crontab

This script is created with the very fast template engine Twig 3.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel created by Kamil Wyremski

The site has a very extensive Administrative Panel attached, which allows you to manage page settings, view detailed statistics and site logs

Language change module

Flags of countries in the world

Script has a built language change module. It allows the display pages in the selected language. One language can be active at a time.

In addition, the script allows you to add your own language. Because of that, you can use our script with any language you can imagine, so you can use any foreign domain. This will allow you to hit more customers around the world!

Demo version of script

DEMO version: corta.itworksbetter.net

DEMO version of Admin Panel: corta.itworksbetter.net/admin
login: test
password: 1234

CORTA - script for shortening URL links - earn passive!

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