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You can create a website with demotivators in an easy and fast way. The script was created by programmer with years of experience. There is no a copy of any script or script created on the basis of another. The network has countless sites that mimic its popular predecessors. Do not be like the others, let to stand out!



Thanks to the installation script You can create and set up your website in minutes!



Use page and the administrative panel is intuitive and very easy even for novice Internet users!



I offer fast contact and assist in the installation and configuration script on your domain and server!


RWD - strona responsywna


All templates are responsive - this mean thas are displayed correctly on all devices (eg tablets, mobile)

Media społecznościowe: Facebook

Social network

The script has the ability to login via Facebook and buttons with social portals: FB, Twitter, Wykop, Printerest and Google Plus

Zaawansowana wyszukiwarka

Search Engine

The advanced search allows you to search by title and tags and also search users

Google Maps integration

Google Maps

Integration with Google Map allows you to mark locations added images and videos as well as the location of users

Tworzenie demotywatorów

Creating demotivators

This script allows you to create your own images with a choice of colors and font sizes

Tworzenie memów

Mem generator

Along with the ability to create images is also a built-in generator of memes along with a gallery of sample images

Top z najlepszymi obrazkami

Top and Waiting Area

Subpages with the best data images (by votes), and the images which are still in the waiting area

Możliwość komentowania materiałów

Voices and comments

Each user can vote on pictures and videos, add comments to them and vote on them

CMS - Admin Panel


Moderator has the ability to edit any of the following images, deleting images, and deleting user comments

Szablony umożliwiające zmianę wyglądu

Attractive templates

You can choose from among the many available templates and thus very quickly change the look of your page

Zgodne ze specyfikacją SEO


Easy links by using mod_rewrite in .htaccess - useful in positioning your site

Wysyłka maili przez SMTP


The ability to send e-mails via SMTP account


Logo języka PHP


PHP version 5.4 - 5.6

Logo baz danych MySQL


Support MySQL database

Wskaźnik wykresu SEO

Mod Rewrite

With mod_rewrite, you can use friendly URLs

The script is created in a very fast and easy in modifications framework Smarty.

Admin panel - CMS

CMS created by Kamil Wyremski

Page have included very extensive CMS system that allows you to:

the creation of competitions users (the number of competitions is unlimited, you can select the date and the winner)

– management categories and subcategories

– complete management of all the videos and images posted on the website

– management of images created by users

– ability to quickly add multiple images at once from disk (useful at once after installation script when there are no images)

– tags management

– comments management

– user management, the ability to grant rights moderator

– management of slots on the page with the ability to add a variety of text boxes eg .: ads, search engine, statistics, best videos and pictures, movies, and pictures, competitions, recent comments, a Google map, categories, tags, footer links

– the ability to edit the Rules and Privacy Policy, and the page "About Us" - a clear visual editor (WISYWIG) that allows upload images

– the ability to edit the settings page title, description, keywords, template, data administrator, the number of images per page, logo, ad code adsense code Google Analytics, footer, setting Google maps, settings Facebook-a, and settings for creating images and memes

– the ability to add a watermark to the created and added images

– the ability automation service (cron jobs): automatically add images based on certain conditions

– the ability automatically add images from other websites!


Flagi państw świata

Only this script has a built language change module. It allows the display of pages in the selected language. Immediately after installation you can choose one of the default-loaded language: Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

In addition, we provide you the opportunity to independently carry out your translated phrases in any language. You can add an unlimited number of languages! So you can use our script not only on the pages of Polish language, but also creating a page on a foreign domain. This will allow you to have more customers around the world!


The script has included 6 theme templates so you can quickly change the complete look of your page!

1. Default

Szablon: default

2. Demotywatory

Szablon: demotywatory

3. Sneakers

Szablon: sneakers

4. Historic

Szablon: historic

5. Violet

Szablon: violet

6. Duct

Szablon: duct

The script have many tools that are not available in other similar scripts!

The script can also be used for other types of sites: You can post them on online videos, memes, funny pictures, etc.

You can see websites created by this script:,

We invite you to see the demo version of the script at: 
CMS is available at login: test password: 1234

If you are interested, you can buy this script:

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