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DEMOTY2 offers an easy and fast way to launch your own website filled with demotivators and memes. Users can generate and edit demotivators and memes effortlessly. This modern script is developed in compliance with current standards, utilizing the Twig 3 template system and the Bulma CSS framework.

Optimized for performance, DEMOTY2 can be installed on almost any hosting service, efficiently handling a large volume of images and user traffic.


Quick install

Thanks to the installation script You can create and set up your website in minutes!


Easy to use

User panel and admin panel are intuitive and very easy to use!


Quick support

Quick help with the installation and configuration scripts on your domain and server!

Script functions


Creating Demotivators and Memes

Enables users to create and later edit demotivators and memes, fostering a creative and interactive community.



Responsive Design ensures the site is displayed correctly on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, thanks to HTML5 compatibility.


Social Network Integration

Seamless integration with social networks like Facebook (including login functionality), Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, and enhances user engagement and reach.



Various sections of the website are designated for ads, enabling potential revenue streams between images and in sidebars.


FEED Channel

A FEED (RSS) channel showcases the most recently added demotivators, keeping the content fresh and engaging.


SEO Optimization

Customizable keyword and SEO descriptions for each page bolster your site's visibility and positioning in search engines.


Security Measures

Features a secure login panel, session poisoning protection, BCrypt password hashing, and unique tokens for user actions, ensuring robust security.



The Admin Panel allows for deep site customization, enabling you to tailor the script to meet your exact needs.


Votes and Comments

Users can vote on and leave comments on demotivators and memes using their Facebook accounts, fostering community interaction.



Access comprehensive statistics in the Admin Panel, including charts that offer insights into user behavior and potential site improvements.


Bulma Framework

The site's appearance is crafted with the popular Bulma framework, making aesthetic modifications straightforward.


SMTP and Email Capabilities

Supports email sending through SMTP with attachments from the contact form and enables bulk mailings to all registered users.

Application requirements

Logo PHP


PHP version minimum 7.2

Logo MySQL


Support for MySQL database

Logo CronTab


Capability to set cron jobs

This script is powered by the highly efficient Twig 3 template engine.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel created by Kamil Wyremski

An extensive Admin Panel is included, allowing for detailed settings management, user and content oversight, and insights into pictures, tags, and categories.

Language change module

Flags of countries in the world

Script has a built language change module. It allows the display pages in the selected language. One language can be active at a time.

In addition, the script allows you to add your own language. Because of that, you can use our script with any language you can imagine, so you can use any foreign domain. This will allow you to hit more customers around the world!

Demo version of script

DEMO version:

DEMO version of Admin Panel:
login: test
password: 1234

You can see websites created by this script:,

This script boasts a range of unique tools unavailable in similar scripts!

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