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Notice3 is a modern and universal script for an online classifieds website for professionals only. It can also be used as a website with accomodation base, real estate classifieds or a business directory. The script is based on Symfony, is MCV compliant, VUE and Bootstrap 5 are used on the front end. Notice3 can be used as local webpage and also as big portals with classifieds. There is a lof of configuration options so you can customize it to individual requirements. Includes automatic payments system via Przelewy24, HotPay, PayPal, Tpay, PayU and Blue Media.

It has the ability to easily share ads on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp. Notice3 allows you to sign in via your Facebook and Google account.

The Notice3 script also allows logged-in users to add comments to announcements and has a built-in internal messaging system. It also has a button for contact via Messenger and displays the location of the advertisement on a Google map.

The Notice3 classified script also has a newsletter module, a list of subscribers to the newsletter in the admin panel, search engine suggestions and the ability to hide contact details for those not logged in.


Quick install

Thanks to the installation script You can create and set up your website in minutes!


Easy to use

User panel and admin panel are intuitive and very easy to use!


Quick support

Quick help with the installation and configuration scripts on your domain and server!

Script functions



Supports payment systems Przelewy24, HotPay, PayPal, Tpay, PayU and Blue Media for added and promoting offers, automatic confirmation of payments



Responsive template compatible with HTML5 - the page is displayed correctly on the mobile devices (such as mobile phones, tablets)



The script is based on the well-known Symfony framework, which makes it easy to expand


Social Network

Integration with social network: possibility to login by Facebook and Google, buttons to share in social media



The script has several ad slots for inserting e.g. Google AdSense ads



You can add your articles to the blog on the website



You can set up separate keyword and SEO description for each page - very useful to positioning Your site



Secure login panel, protection against poisoning session, coding i hashing passwords in bcrypt, generating unique tokens to user actions, integrations with reCAPTCHA v3



The possibility of adapt site to your needs by Admin Panel - so you can adjust the script fully for Your own needs!



Search engines, web crawlers, and browsers can extract and process Microdata from a web page and use it to provide a richer browsing experience for users.



View website statistics in the Administration Panel


Categories and filters

Possibility to add individual filters for a given category

Application requirements

Logo PHP


PHP version min 8.1

Logo MySQL


Support MySQL database

Logo CronTab


Ability to set the tasks crontab

The script is based on the well-known Symfony framework

Admin Panel

Admin Panel created by Kamil Wyremski

A very extensive Administration Panel is attached to the script. It enables, among others managing page settings, previewing ads, users, changes in categories, regions and filters, and adding blog entries. You can also view login, reset and payment logs. It also has the ability to send mailing to all users.

Language change module

Flags of countries in the world

Script has a built language change module. It allows the display pages in the selected language. One language can be active at a time.

In addition, the script allows you to add your own language. Because of that, you can use our script with any language you can imagine, so you can use any foreign domain. This will allow you to hit more customers around the world!

Demo version of script

DEMO version:

DEMO version of Admin Panel:
login: test
password: 1234

You can see websites created by this script:,,,,,

The script have a lot of tools that are not available in other similar scripts!

You will not find better script with online classifieds!
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