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Notice3 offers a dynamic and flexible solution for launching your own online classifieds website. Designed for a broad spectrum of professional applications, it can serve as an accommodation database, real estate classifieds, or a business directory. Built on the robust Symfony framework and adhering to MVC standards with VUE and Bootstrap 5 for the frontend, Notice3 supports both local webpages and large-scale portals. It comes packed with extensive configuration options, enabling customization to meet specific needs. With an automatic payment system supporting various gateways such as Przelewy24, HotPay, PayPal, Tpay, PayU, Bank Transfer, and Blue Media, it simplifies transactions for users.

Notice3 enhances user engagement with easy social media sharing, Facebook and Google sign-ins, comment sections, an internal messaging system, contact via Messenger, Google Maps integration for ad locations, and a comprehensive newsletter module.


Quick install

Thanks to the installation script You can create and set up your website in minutes!


Easy to use

User panel and admin panel are intuitive and very easy to use!


Quick support

Quick help with the installation and configuration scripts on your domain and server!

Script functions



Integrates multiple payment systems for seamless ad posting and promotion, ensuring automatic confirmation of transactions.



A responsive design guarantees optimal display on all devices, leveraging HTML5 compatibility.



Utilizes the Symfony framework for ease of expansion, offering a solid foundation for development.


Social Network Integration

Enables login via Facebook and Google, along with social media sharing buttons for increased engagement.



Provides several slots for ads, including options for Google AdSense, enhancing monetization potential.



Includes a blog section for publishing articles, enriching site content and improving SEO.



Allows for customized SEO keywords and descriptions for each page, enhancing search engine rankings.



Features a secure login panel, advanced session protection, bcrypt password encoding, unique user tokens, and reCAPTCHA v3 integration.



The Admin Panel provides deep customization options, tailoring the site to precise requirements.



Employs Microdata to enhance web content, improving search engine visibility and user experience.



Offers comprehensive website analytics within the Admin Panel for strategic insights and improvements.


Categories and Filters

Enables the addition of custom filters for specific categories, refining the search process for users.

Application requirements

Logo PHP


PHP version minimum 8.1

Logo MySQL


Supports MySQL database

Logo CronTab


Capability for cron job scheduling

Leverages the powerful Symfony framework for a robust backend.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel created by Kamil Wyremski

Comes with an extensive Administration Panel for managing settings, previewing and editing classifieds, managing blog posts, categories, regions, filters, and viewing logs. It also supports mass mailing to all users.

Language change module

Flags of countries in the world

Script has a built language change module. It allows the display pages in the selected language. One language can be active at a time.

In addition, the script allows you to add your own language. Because of that, you can use our script with any language you can imagine, so you can use any foreign domain. This will allow you to hit more customers around the world!

Demo version of script

Demo version:

Demo version of the Admin Panel:
login: test
password: 1234

You can see websites created by this script:,,,,,,,,

Notice3 offers unparalleled tools and features not found in any other classifieds script, ensuring a superior user experience.

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